LIMING Instant Tea (Tea Extracts)is produced by unpolluted and high-quality tea.The advanced technology and equipment ensure it retains the active components in tea,which are beneficial to human body,to an utmost degree.Besides,LIMING Instant Tea(Tea Extracts) has its color,flavor and taste with no difference from original tea.
LIMING Instant Tea(Tea Extracts),with a satisfactory variety of flavors,is not only a top-choice as a tea beverage base,but as a food additive to prolong shelf life and improve flavors for tea's physical and chemical characteristics.
The company has a lot of experts providing its clients with technology support in various projects, like new products development,production lines design,production technology improvement and tea research and usage,etc.
LIMING Instant Tea(Tea Extracts)owns many potential clients at home and abroad,for the simple reason that,choosing SIMING Instant Tea means obtaining a perfect technology support.

Hot Water Soluble (HWS) tea extracts
These extracts are designed for making hot tea beverages (hence the name).
We use top quality tea leaf and these extracts have a deep red colour and excellent full bodied flavour.
The extracts are high in “Theaflavin” – a healthy natural ingredient of black tea.
They are perfect for formulations with milk powders to make “instant” hot tea beverages.

Cold Water Soluble (CWS) tea extracts
These extracts dissolve fully in cold water for making “Ready to drink” (RTD) tea beverages.
We use top quality leaf tea to produce extracts, which dissolve to a clear solution in cold water and can be designed to meet different liquor colour levels and Ph stability Additionally, we can provide them either in a powder, liquid or frozen concentrate form.

The current range ofHWS & CWS tea extracts is extensive and encompasses;

  • Instant Black tea powder(Classic flavour and colour)
  • Instant Green tea powder (varying in taste, colour and “Healthy” polyphenol contents)
  • Instant Oolongtea powder (A unique fusion of Green/Black taste)
  • Instant White tea powder (The latest fashion in “Healthy” tea beverages)
  • Instant Rooibos tea powder (South African origin, with zero caffeine and strong health benefits)
  • Instant Jasmine tea powder (Delicately fragrant)
  • Instant Puer tea powder (Chinese origin with a strong musty flavour)

Decaffeinated tea extracts
All of our HWS&CWS tea extracts can be made in a de-caffeinated form without the use of any solvents.

Tea Aroma
We capture the natural aroma formed during the tea brewing process of both green and black tea. This is becoming increasingly popular way of enhancing the flavour of RTD “Iced tea” formulations.